Thursday, September 23, 2021

Fall Has Fell

(my dad was a Pogo fan, but apparently Pogo didn't say this ...)

Temps barely got above 60 today.  Leaves are starting to turn -- more from lack of rain than cold temperatures.  I LOVE Fall.

I've been playing catch-up after two weeks on the road.  Most of my gear has returned to the sewing room, except what I needed to teach a One Block Wonder class at Devo Tuesday.  Twelve students and I never thought to take a single photo!  

However, I got to work on my own blocks today and this is the result:

I'm throwing them up on the wall as I do them to avoid duplication, if possible.  I'm working on a tutorial for sewing the hexagons; I'll share it with you if it is share-worthy.

I'll leave you with my view from the breakfast table ...


  1. What a beautiful sunrise, Libby! I can't imagine making those blocks. Cutting is not my strong suit!!

  2. Gorgeous view! And more beautiful blocks.
    Is Feathered Lone Star a difficult block to assemble as such, Libby. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the ladies and their versions of both those blocks. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My husband is a Pogo fan. ("Deck the halls with Boston Charlie...." and of course "We have met the enemy and he is us.") Beautiful sunrise!

  4. Very fun hexies! I've always wanted to try one block wonders. It's on my very long "something I want to make list".


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