Saturday, September 18, 2021

More from the Smokies

I was not alone at the LAB Retreat.  

You might enjoy seeing what the other gals were working on.  So grab a cup/glass of your favorite beverage and take a gander.  

Roughly half of the group was working on Feathered Lone Star and many felt accomplished when they only finished the lone star portion.  This first one is Gail's in progress -- lovely batiks and that unique light batik will be her background.

Teresa's in-progress.  I remember hearing someone's diamonds all came from a gradation fabric and I think this is the one.  What a great idea!

This is Caroline's -- looks like a twin to Teresa's

Kim is a relatively new quilter, yet she was brave enough to tackle such a complex project.  She kept her nose to the needle and got her feathered lone star completed.  Waytago, Kim!

Cathy, like Kim, was learning a new technique using Donna Lynn Thomas's On-Point Ruler by Omnigrid and she persevered.

Here's Nancy's version.  Notice the placement of the black diamonds yields a "fractured" look to the lone star.

Becky (a/k/a Ms. Teal) used the progression of colors in her star to make the feathers.  It creates a completely different effect.

My apologies to those whose star progress I failed to record.  Sometimes we were carrying on so much that I failed to get pictures.

The other half of the group was working on Woven Log Cabin.  There is a lot of strip sewing and cutting in that one, so not many progress photos to show.  

Pam II (or was it Pam I?) got her fabrics cut and grouped for sewing but only finished a few blocks.  I love her fabrics, all from the same collection (which I don't usually endorse).

Ruth was using a lovely combo of lavender and green.  She is making a queen and finished a LOT more blocks after this photo.

Shirley did get her lap size WLC together.  I love the blue and yellow combo.

Sena finished her lap-size top, as well.  She used a lot of scraps in hers.  Here we are auditioning borders.

And, as a reminder, my unofficial project on the guest room bed.

Cindy Williams (a/k/a The Math Whisperer) is a great designer and teacher.  I always learn so much when I am with her.


  1. Beautiful work by everyone. Who is the designer of the log cabin pattern? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that. It’s very intriguing.

  2. It's always so fun to see how the different fabric combinations change the look of the final quilt. There are some beautiful projects in the works.

  3. Wow! What gorgeous feathered stars! I really like your quilt with the star set into the design. It's beautiful.

  4. Awesome projects, quilters! Thanks for sharing them with us, Libby.


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