Sunday, September 26, 2021

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Well, for some reason I did not stick with the RSC challenge this year.  But I have plans for next year!  Even bought a new background fabric as inspiration.

See the one on the bottom? That's my inspiration piece!  Those four fabrics are from the "Read" collection by Maria Carluccio for Windham.  It's not my typical background that's mostly white with colors spaced out so I'm going to need suggestions for a block (or blocks) to use this with.

I spent time on and off this week working on One Block Wonder blocks.  I taught a class at Devo on Tuesday and thought I'd get my demo fabric blocks made before the next lesson in two weeks.

I had this many blocks by the end of yesterday ...

... and started thinking about how I would combine them in a quilt ...

... until I got an ocular migraine from looking at them!

The original fabric has more color than shows in these photos.

We have had beautiful fall weather for the last few days.  I really need to get outside and clean up some areas of the landscape.  So I don't anticipate much sewing this week.


  1. That's a pretty stack of fabrics in your top photo! I love that bottom one especially. Those one block wonders are really amazing, but sorry they gave you a migraine!

  2. Oh, those OBWs are indeed wonderful! And your new fabric is delicious.

  3. I bagged out on the rainbow scrap challenge too. Maybe next year... I love your OBW blocks!! Wow! You made my days with these! Your backing fabrics are gorgeous and the one for the rainbow challenge will be PERFECT! Have a safe and happy day Libby!

  4. I can kind of see how it can give you a headache! but they sure are pretty

  5. Oh, no!! Sorry to hear that you got a migraine. At least you made some progress before it set in!

  6. Your new fabrics are fun! I have the top fabric in a different colorway. Love your OBW's, but sorry that it gave you a headache.

  7. Fun additions to the stash. Hmmm, that plaid will make an interesting background. Looking forward to checking out your 2022 RSC project. The hexies are going to make a really interesting quilt. Hope you lost the headache and had were able to get back to your sewing projects.


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