Monday, October 11, 2021

Guess What???


Six months late, the Trex has arrived!!  The scaffolding has been installed.  Deck replacement begins tomorrow!  Couldn't be a better 70th birthday present for Alex if I had planned it myself!

While I was waiting for the crew to arrive this morning, I set about making flying geese for the Meadow Mist Mystery.  After realizing that I did not have enough of the planned BG-, I substituted a white Grunge.  If I need to replace the dot I was using in the first clue, it will be an easy substitution. 

We are making these flying geese 4-at-a-time. I KNOW I cut the appropriate number of white squares and marked the diagonal ... but can I find them???  NO!!

Note to self:  Don't work on three projects at a time ...


  1. Yay! for long delayed projects beginning. We have all had to learn patience this year, for sure.

  2. wow that was a wait but well worth it I bet - when I think of all those container ships off the coast on both the east and west coast I guess we are lucky there aren't more delays for things

  3. Yay, Libby, and happy birthday, Alex!!!

  4. That's quite a load of equipment on that trailer! I hope it's everything you've been waiting for and that they can get it all installed soon. Happy b-day to Alex.

  5. Wonderful! Can't wait to see the finished deck and the finished project! Have a great day!


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