Thursday, October 14, 2021


 Day One - demolition begins

Day Two - installation of the subfloor drainage system.

The contractor doesn't want us to forget there's no floor out there!


  1. yes you wouldn't want to forget and walk out the door and drop LOL - I bet you will love this area when I gets done

  2. Wow! They are really tackling that quickly. So happy for you!

  3. That will be a nice project to have completed! Just don't step out that sliding door for awhile!

  4. How exciting! Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your new deck very soon.

  5. Glad to see they are keeping you safe, Libby!

  6. Yes to your question in the last post, Libby. I still have not found the flying geese I made for that star project. I remember rolling them up and that's the end of it. I would think I've lost my mind and didn't sew them, but checked back to the blog post where I showed them so know they are in that sewing room somewhere.Meanwhile I've been stitching more.
    But wow to getting your veranda all done; it's going to be beautiful and I'm glad that tape is over the door. People have done silly things..YouTube is full of videos of such.


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