Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Have you ever???

It's a mystery.

In more ways than one. 

Since August I have been working on the Macaron Mystery hosted by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs.  As I said in an earlier post, I enjoy her mysteries because she tells you what fabrics will touch each other, the clues come out only once a month, her directions are very specific, and, quite frankly, her designs are always lovely.  She also offers an option to take a sneak peak, which I did this year to make sure my fabric choices would not only fit the design, but be sufficient.

You may recall that on the first clue that involved sewing 54 HSTs ...

I had a mild panic that I had switched the two backgrounds when cutting. (When I get to the end of this tale, you'll understand why.)

When I got to this month's clue, I understood my consternation:  there was not enough of the dotted background I had used in the HSTs to even begin cutting this month's clue.  So when a search through lots of project boxes did not reveal more of that fabric, I opted to use a Grunge for the flying geese that would blend well (sort of ...) with the more creamy fabrics I had previously chosen.  

I KNOW I cut (and marked the diagonal on) the sixty 2-7/8" squares needed to make flying geese; I have the five strip stubs to prove it!  But could I find the second 30 I needed? NO.  After a day of searching, I finally gave in and cut more squares.  The 60 flying geese are done.

And guess what I found when I was putting the project tray back on  the shelf ..,.

... right next to the where the project tray should go.  It had been covered with a pattern sheet.

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. I think that type of thing has happened to all of us, and not just in the sewing room! So frustrating! Are you going to continue to mix the two backgrounds? I bet it will look just fine!

  2. It always happens right after I've purchased a new pattern or cut more fabric. Maybe we should pretend to do these things and fake the lost item out of hiding?


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