Sunday, October 17, 2021

Not Much Going On

... in the sewing room, that is.  After I finished this month's clue for the Meadow Mist mystery I got to thinking about hexagons. With so many of the Devo gals having invested in a 60-degree triangle ruler, I looked for another pattern that I could teach them.  I decided on Sara Nephew's Honeycomb Waffle which was my most popular class when I was teaching on a regular basis. 

It looks complicated, but is SO easy with strip piecing.  I was concerned that my instructions which use a Clearview Triangle with a point might not work with the Creative Grids triangle with a flat top.  So I quickly whipped up a sample of each to test it.

Other than being marginally larger (1/4"), the Creative Grids block on the top is the same!  (I forgot that I had already gone through this exercise when I made the blue quilt above.)

The measurement lines on both rulers are the same.  I can't say that for other brands that I have tested.  Bottom line is either of those brands will work; you just can't use both of them in the same quilt.  Pick one and stick with it!

I was so enthralled with my fabric choices that I just kept going.

I think these colors will be especially nice for a man, but it would also look very nice on our family room sofa ... just sayin' ...

Speaking of the sofa, we were excited to have these guys pop in on Friday to celebrate their stepdad's 70th birthday, albeit a day late.

We had been scheming for several months, trying to find a time and place to have a big shindig, but schedules (and construction) just wouldn't mesh.  So the boys came on their own, one from Arkansas and one from Nashville.  We had a nice dinner out and they stayed overnight.  Alex was thrilled!

Day three of construction -- it was a short day; the guys don't usually work on Friday.

There is a lot of fiddly work involved with deconstruction and adding those subfloor drains, but it will be so nice to not have drips through to the patio below.  It rained briefly during the night and we could see that the drains work!


  1. so nice that your step sons could stay overnight for their visit - it is always nice when it isn't rushed and it sounds like their drives were not real far. You will be glad to have the deck/porch? done for spring I'm sure and really sometimes you can use it off and on all year

  2. So sweet that the guys could coordinate a birthday visit, Libby!! Which one is Nashville and who came all the way from Arkansas? I'm guessing left to right in the photo. Am I correct?

  3. I didn't realize that design was made with a 60 degree triangle - so much simpler than I thought! Glad your boys got home for a visit. I'm missing mine these days - looking forward to seeing them at Thanksgiving. Glad the construction is going according to plan!

  4. What a cool quilt! I love it! Have a great day Libby!

  5. These “rulers” are incredible in the right hands of course. I’m completely enthralled with that block, Libby. Amazing 3D effect. Nice photo of the guests and important to know the drains worked properly. How “tallish” is it your way now?

  6. I love, LOVE the 3D blocks, Libby!! It's such a cool look! Yours are fabulous. Glad you're not going to have to deal with drips ... that's not fun! Sounds like you've got plenty going on! :)


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