Friday, October 8, 2021

Catching Up

Well, it's been over a week since my last post.  Not that I haven't been busy; just never felt like saying anything when I had the time.  Does that ever happen to you?

I've mainly been working on the One Block Wonder, piecing along with my students from Devo.  This is my final layout -- thanks to suggestions from the High Road Quilter.  About half the columns have been stitched, hoping to get all the center portion together by the end of the weekend.

We had our second class on Tuesday and I was impressed at the progress everyone had made.  Some are just doing small projects like a table runner to learn the technique and a couple are doing bedsize quilts.  Did I think to take any pictures?  Nope.  Maybe there will be some finishes by the next meeting.

Next year the Devo ladies will be jointly sewing their way through A Bible Journey Through Quilting by Anita Covert, PhD.  There are 73 different blocks (76 total with corners) and our goal is to do about 6 blocks each month.  I am setting aside these fabrics to use in my quilt.

Some are recent purchases and I'm filling out with other pieces from my stash.  I need to dig a little deeper for some accent fabrics.

Part 4 of the Macaron Mystery by Meadow Mist Designs came out yesterday and I came to the startling realization that I do not have enough of the creamy dot fabric to complete the clue.  Knowing that I often put fabric in other project boxes, I went searching.  I didn't find any extra fabric, but I did find a pile of UFOs that REALLY need to either be finished or passed on.

One of the projects is this small quilt made from remnants of "Sound of the Woods" fabrics.

I've worked on this at several retreats.  It will make a nice wheelchair quilt once I solve the engineering dilemma in the borders.  I also came across this partially finished project.

The pattern is Cursor from a 2014 edition of American Quilter magazine.  I still need to stitch one long seam and then add the borders which are already cut.

Why do I let these things linger so long in limboland?


  1. You have pulled beautiful fabrics there for that new project, Libby. Dare I check out that book...sounds interesting. Meanwhile, I enjoyed seeing your interesting array of WIPs, all lovely looking to me and yes deserving of finishing for sure. Engineering problems, :)

  2. beautiful fabrics!! I have been getting too many fabrics lately and haven't used them yet - I think they will mainly be for next years projects. I like that one block wonder

  3. Your one block wonder is so pretty, Libby! I like all the movement your layout suggests. That's a pretty fabric pull for your group project, too. I remember those arrows - they'll make a fun quilt!

  4. Limboland? I live there, too, Libby!! Why? There's no telling, but as long as we are making progress on SOME projects, it's all good!!

  5. Love how you switched the heavier rows. That was the look I was trying to explain. Great job!

  6. I'm just loving your projects! That one block wonder is stunning! I love the snowballed tree quilt too! Can't wait to see that one! I know what you mean about being busy but also about UFOs. I just found three more in my closet yesterday! Love the arrow quilt! Have a wonderful sewing weekend!

  7. Your OBW is just stunning! I love your fabric pull for your Bible Journey project. Have fun with all that you're working on, finished or not.


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