Monday, December 20, 2021

Monday, Again

Where did  the week go?

Last Monday I cleaned house (and, boy girl folks, did it need it!)  

Tuesday I entertained the neighborhood book club.  My book was Everything Beautiful in Its Time by Jenna Bush Hagar. -- a memoir of a daughter/grand-daughter of presidents.  Other hostesses have tied their refreshments to the theme of their book, so I served Texas caviar, Maine cranberry chutney with baked brie, and beaten biscuits to honor Tennessee's presidents. (You may need to read the book to get the gist ...)

Wednesday we attended a retirement luncheon for our pastor.  Alex is on the search committee for a replacement.  We have a couple of interesting candidates; we hope the search won't take too long.

Thursday I ventured to Knoxville while the skies were still blue-ish to finish my Christmas shopping.  I still have a few gaps but I had hoped to get the stocking stuffers off in the mail by Saturday.  Not so; definitely today ...

So Friday I played catch-up.  Cards are in the mail, what little decorating has been done, stockings -- really brown paper bags -- have been stuffed. I took advantage of Hubby's absence to wrap his gifts.

I spent much of Saturday just puttering, waiting for some old church friends to "drop by."  Well, they finally dropped around 4, totally throwing my dinner plans out of whack, but it was delightful to see them.  We ate the steaks Sunday night, instead.

After posting the stocking stuffers this morning I made it down to the sewing room.  Obligated is a flimsy!

It is 48 x 56 and I'm going to finish it as-is without a border. I have selected fun fabrics for the back and binding. 

Next up is stitching the rows of my RSC stars.  

I am in love with both of these quilts.  They will go to my favorite LAQ for finishing soon.

I did a little more organizing and planning in the sewing room before I called it a day.  With no place to go and nothing to do, I hope it will be a productive week.  


  1. Nice job finishing up both of those quilt tops, Libby. I particularly like those RSC Stars!!

  2. I love your stars! hope you mail gets delivered on time

  3. I loved all the stories of the Bush family members (and their wives' families) growing up in that book. Hope your group enjoyed it! Both flimsies are just great - good progress for you!

  4. Loving Obligated!! That background fabric is gorgeous and sets off the blocks! Love your stars too! Have a happy holiday Libby!

  5. Obligated is a beauty -- I love the way the brights shine against the swirly background. Merry Christmas to you and Alex.

  6. You might be interested in looking at Marcus Fabrics free quilt Holiday's and Beyond. It features the Winter Botanicals fabric by Laura Berringer. What is interesting is that she has a ribbon block in this free pattern that creates a lovely diagonal. The other block is a 25 patch as you have, but it is not set on point. Though the ribbon unit/block gives the appearance of such. (It is just such a darn clever pattern). Here's the link if you wish to take a look:

  7. P. S. I adore both of your quilts.


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