Monday, December 13, 2021

Serious Squirrel Alert!!

I spent the majority of Friday in the studio, checking the status of projects, and making plans for 2022.  The first thing I did was start an OMG stack of projects so close to the finish line that I can easily chose one each month to finish.  I also set aside a couple of projects with the goal of making one block each month to move them closer to the finish line.  

I was very cold-hearted and actually abandoned a couple of projects! Most of the projects that migrated to Priority One status only required auditioning and/or cutting borders, so that will be on this week's agenda (after I prep for and entertain the book club tomorrow).

But, while taking my inventory of 80+ UFOs, I came across Obligated, a pattern by Jane Davidson from Australia.

I began this project at the end of my Modern Guild days (which puts it about early 2018).  Lo and behold, I was only short two blocks!

You may notice that I was testing some sew-and-flip corner squares in the pattern, but I decided that they detracted from the overall look, especially considering the work involved to add them. So DH and I agreed we should pretend we never knew they were supposed to be in there.

I had hoped to finish assembly on Saturday, but only got six of the seven rows done.

In homage to the origins of the design, I used a collection of aboriginal prints in the blocks and background.

All of the feature fabrics have a touch of gold in them.  I tried to arrange the blocks so that the "pearls" carried over between blocks; I was only moderately successful ...

After this weekend's storms, I want to reassure my readers that we were spared here on the Plateau. Friends and family in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and Arkansas had to take cover and lost power, but sustained little to no damage.  My heart goes out to those not so fortunate in Kentucky and other places along the storm's path.


  1. That's a neat design, Libby! I had to zoom in close to realize that the blocks are actually quite simple - your fabric does all the work. I agree, those corners aren't needed. The background fabric is so interesting and I like the way it flows throughout the blocks!

  2. Wise choice to leave out those corners; much more cohesive overall without them. I love your fabric choices and how everything flows together. I like your version MUCH better than the original pattern.

  3. Wow. That is a cool pattern. Much obliged, Libby.

  4. What a fun background fabric for this bright quilt! It really looks like it's in motion. Love your fabric choices and design.

  5. Interesting pattern! Can a UFO really be a squirrel project, Libby? Thanks for letting us know that you and Mr. Lakeside weathered the storm well.

  6. Obligated is gorgeous with those bright colours and very interesting black. I like how you got yourself all organized too. It's good to have a good sort through. It always makes me feel better I know. Meanwhile, yes the news was horrible out of those states. So much bad weather stories these days it seems.


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