Friday, December 10, 2021

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2022

 I'm so excited about my plan for next year that I may get started early!  Here is my inspiration quilt.

It is one of my favorite quilts, currently hanging over the stair railing and visible every time I go into the kitchen.  There is a long and funny story connected with this -- my apologies if you've heard it before.

The pattern is Labor Day Madness from the book Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode. 

While the premise of the book is using 5" (hence nickel) charm squares, I had a large collection of 19th century reproduction fabric fat quarters that would work well in this pattern.  The blocks are made from "combination units" which produce a pair of blocks that "spin" in opposite directions.  Since my intent was to make a pair of quilts for the twin beds in the guest room, a particular attraction for making this quilt was a second quilt in the book, Pinwheel, that could use the second set of combination units.


However, I didn't discover until well into the second quilt that it wouldn't be the same size as the first quilt.  In fact, I would be 18 blocks short!  

So I had to make 18 more combination units which, of course, left me with 18 blocks that "spun" in the opposite direction ...  Those 18 went into a third strippy quilt (sadly, no photo).

Both Pinwheel Madness and Strippy Madness quilts were recently donated to the Waverly flood recovery.  But I could not part with Labor Day Madness.


  1. I had to go get my copy of Nickel Quilts out and look those two quilts up - they are great! In fact, I like every quilt in that book. Those star blocks will make a great rainbow quilt, Libby!

  2. Great star blocks for a RSC project. Since you make doubles of the units, will you make two RSC quilts or have stars spinning in both directions in one quilt?

  3. Handsome pair of quilts, Libby. SEW glad to hear that you are excited about RSC22!! I'll be looking forward to seeing how your plan plays out.

  4. Oh, I do like both quilts. And I have both Nickel Quilt books. (I like the design concept of Nickels but I don't have a box of 5" squares "just in case.") I think the two patterns would look great in RSC colors.


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