Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Solution

Probably more information than you want, but here's how I decided to deal with Tuesday's dilemma:

I will trim the combination HST units to 4" (instead of 4-1/4") ...

... and I will cut the background rectangles and squares from a 2-1/2" strip (instead of 2-3/8").  Then I will make sure the unfinished block is 9-1/2" (instead of 9-7/8").

I don't think the block on the left looks disproportionate, do you?  Just ignore the fact it spins in the "wrong" direction.

So I kitted up 9 block sets yesterday ...

... and cut squares for over 20 more.

Bear in mind that each set of squares makes two sets of combination units.  I'll be killing two birds with one stone!  Just need to decide what I'll do with the second set of combination HSTs.

Bring on RSC-22!!


  1. I have 48 hours to make a decision or two about RSC!

  2. I would definitely rather have blocks that squared up to 9.5 than 9 and 7/8! Looks like your solution will work perfectly. It will be fun to see these in all colors of the rainbow!

  3. Libby, I enjoyed reading your latest posts very much including Thinking Out Loud. Always interesting to read your thought processes re these blocks and fitting the challenges. This is quite a nice block and I am impressed with all that measuring and cutting. That's a part I really don't like. You are well underway now with the New Year's RSC!!

  4. Definitely worth rethinking the cutting and piecing process. Looks like you've got a great start on your 2022 RSC. I'm not playing along again this year. My UFO list is just too long. Fingers crossed I can work it down enough to play next year.


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