Monday, January 24, 2022

Last Meal

Don't panic; I'm not on my last leg, or incarcerated!

It's what you do to clean out the fridge before leaving for a bit.


Half a head of lettuce, several grape tomatoes, leftover cooked carrots, and a bag of mixed salad toppings ... fit for a magazine page.

And those two single pizza crusts from last month?

... half a bag of pepperoni and a partial bag of turkey sausage nuggets, topped with the remains of a red pepper and an onion, and held in place with pizza sauce (still some left, sad to say) and the remnants of mozzarella cheese (and embellished with Parmesan).

I did find a bit of time in the studio last week, in between preparing workshop submission forms for Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes in Ripley, WV in October.  Stay tuned to see if my proposals are accepted.

Anyway, when I hit a snag in the proposal process, I'd run downstairs for a change of pace. There I came across an old project from a class with Jackie Robinson.  I don't remember what the project was but the instructions for the kit of strips called for making combos in dark and light like this:

We put them right sides together and cut them on the diagonal to end up with blocks like this:

Well, I failed to re-read the instructions about dark/light and just started making stripsets any whichway.  Once realizing my mistake, I decided to put them together with a solid fabric.

I'll get more mileage out of the kit that way, too.  It may never amount to a finished top, but it has helped get my mind off more pressing matters!  

Do you ever use your sewing to escape (defer) what you really need to be doing?


  1. Sewing time is always my escape from everything else! Good for you on the fridge clean out - hope you're headed somewhere fun. And I like those blocks you figured out. Good way to play!

  2. I use sewing as an escape a LOT!! Your newly designed blocks will be fun to arrange in whatever you decide to make. And I'm so glad this wasn't your last meal. :)

  3. mmmm, yummy looking leftovers! Yes, I use my sewing room for procrastinating a lot, especially if the task I'm avoiding is something involving cleaning or making a phone call. Have a good trip, safe travels.

  4. Answer: All. The. TIME!!!
    Comment: LOVE your Plan B, Libby!!

  5. That food looks so tasty, Libby. I do that too, clean out the fridge specials esp. to use up fresh things that are costly these days.
    Interesting how the blocks halved form wonderful new blocks. I'm having to turn on my little heater and wait a while before entering my sewing room these days. Chilly at that end of the house.


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