Friday, January 7, 2022

Snow Days

The first week of the month is usually slow for me.  My one scheduled obligation on Tuesday was cancelled due to the weather so I have had a whole week to catch up in the sewing room!

We had more snow on Thursday, wet and heavy making it hard to know how much accumulation.  This was the view from my "office" (really a guest bedroom) yesterday morning.

It was snowing so much we couldn't see across the lake!  And it snowed off and on all day.  

This is the view this morning:

The cardinals and finches have been taking turns on the Droll Yankee feeder DH gave me for Christmas.

It's one of those "squirrel proof" feeders that will spin a squirrel off if it puts any pressure on the perch.  I can't wait to see that happen!

Earlier in the week I had knocked out my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks; yesterday I took care of the latest clue in the Meadow Mist Designs mystery.  I made 60 "doublets" out of the flying geese from previous clues ...

... and put flip corners on 54 HSTs from a previous clue ...

Today I put the first frame on the Overhand Knots and I've been auditioning fabrics for chandelier blocks to expand the runner to throw size.

The first one I made will finish at 6" and I think it is a little chunky.  I'm going to try 5" and see if I like it any better.  The inner red square in the knots finishes at 4.5" and I'm thinking I might need to go down to that size for balance.


  1. your snow and cardinals look so pretty - I wouldn't mind a little bit as it is pretty but not a lot - have fun with your sewing I need to get busy today - or maybe I should take a break?

  2. You have more snow than we do 60 miles west of Chicago. TN has been mentioned on the weather segment several times lately.

  3. We've only had one snow and I'm tired of it already! At least we can sew! I love your Overhand knots piece! It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished piece! Have a safe and happy day Libby!

  4. Love the red frame you made. Brilliant choice to do the chandelier blocks. Violet in Alabama.

  5. Lovely winter scenes, Libby. I like the Knots design and was going to suggest using it in a larger quilt but I scrolled back to your earlier posts and read that you decided not ("knot" LOL) to do that. Bead block swill be a nice frame. Too large for a table, perhaps, but some people use bed runners. (More precisely, quilt designers design bed runners. Whether or not anyone uses them is another matter.)

  6. The chandelier block will look good with the knots, and I love your red stop border. I sure wish we’d get more snow, but right now we’re fighting an icky inversion - it’s freeeeeezing cold with bad air quality.

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