Sunday, October 23, 2022

A Week of Recovery

 Most of the gear and supplies I took to quilt camp have been returned to their proper place.  However, in the process I realized that my fabric/cutting room is totally out of control.

I have piles of fabric curated for future projects on the ironing board as well as the cutting table that need to be moved before I can make progress on anything.  So what did I do?  I took a bin of pieces/parts and orphans up to the family room to sort.  I should have taken a picture of the sofa covered with piles of blocks.  Many of those piles went into baggies which I took to Devo as an Orphan Challenge. 

It will be interesting to see what someone else does with my bits and bobs.  

Two large collections I couldn't part with, so they went up on my design wall.  

I'm thinking/hoping I can combine many of these pieces into a cohesive whole.  Any suggestions?  Worst case scenario, I'll make placemats for Christmas food baskets.


  1. You have some great orphan blocks, Libby! I bet your Devo friends will have some fun with those. My cutting table needs some work, too... I keep telling myself!

  2. I would just mix the 2 groups of orphans together in no particular order to see if they want to be together. Then some rearranging might produce order out of chaos.

  3. you have a lot of blocks to work with - I'm not one for sampler quilts though so have no ideas for you - they just aren't my thing.

  4. There are some great blocks on your wall. I'm not good at putting orphan block quilts together, but have confidence that you will come up with something beautiful.

  5. Several years ago you sent me a package of novelty prints and I think that flame fabric was one of them! i think the neutral-er orphans could become a nice "caramel latte" design.

  6. So many great orphan blocks! I'm sure your Devo and Sew friends will be happy to do something with them. About the ones on your wall, maybe try arranging them with the lightest ones in the center, working out to the darkest ones at the edges. You have some great mixer prints that can help. You might need some sashing and or coping strips to make everything fit, but you can work that out. Good luck!


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