Tuesday, October 25, 2022


Saw a simple Christmas quilt in Quilts & More (Winter 2022) that uses flannels.  It looks so cozy and easy ...

Then I remembered I had accumulated some flannels and homespuns several years ago so I went in search of them.  SOME???

More like a drawer-full!  The question is, do I have enough in Christmas colors?  Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow ...


  1. I love that collection of blocks on your wall there a couple of posts ago and also that beautiful photograph...stunning really. Meanwhile, so cozy to make a flannel quilt and yes, it does rather look like enough fabric there, Libby. Fun beginnings.

  2. I can see why this quilt grabbed your attention! It's grabbed mine, too. I think you have plenty of flannels to make this beautiful quilt.

  3. That quilt caught my eye, too, but I didn't realize it was flannel. It would work with any combo. Have fun searching your stash for "just the right" fabrics.

  4. That will be a fun project and has the added fun of using up some accumulated stash.


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