Monday, October 17, 2022

Quilt Camp in Review

It was a rebuilding year for Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes.   Covid and its effect on the economy kept folks away for a couple of years.  I am proud to have been part of the rebuilding process.  The camp is held at Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley, WV.  Originally part of the WV Dept. of Agriculture, I think it is now under the Dept. of Education.  Multiple buildings are spread out over a large campus (which is why I probably didn't gain a pound, even after the large meals).


I haven't been to Quilt Camp since 2018 as a camper; the last time I taught there was 2016.  This year I taught Log Cabin Star on Monday and Tuesday.

On Thursday and Friday I supervised activity in the Super Studio which was set up in the newly-expanded Assembly Hall.

Log Cabin Star is not an easy pattern, especially for the three relatively new quilters in my class, but everyone was determined to master the precise cutting and piecing required and almost everyone of the nine campers came away with a completed top after two days.

Those last two were using the same fabric.  And there's always a swifty in the class.  This is what an extra two days in the studio yields.  She is explaining that she plans to add a braid border!

All in all, it was a fabulous week.  We had beautiful weather most of the time, good food, and congenial company.  Our little tribe of three made it safely home on Friday, elated but exhausted.  


  1. looks like you have had fun being among the quilters once again

  2. That's such a neat design, and pretty in so many different color combinations! I'm glad Quilt Camp is back!

  3. That looks like a beautiful place for quilt camp. I'm glad it was such a success. Your campers log cabins turned out so nicely!

  4. I love the 3 of you. Glad you're home safe. See you soon.

  5. It's also so fun to see how different fabrics work in a quilt. It's one of my favorite things about taking a class. Looks like you had a well attended and productive class.

  6. Your students did well, Libby. SEW glad to hear that you enjoyed the week!

  7. I first read that sign as Libby is a Log Cabin Star and thought of course she is. Then read on and my goodness, I think those students learned well from you...they all went away with lovely pieces to show for their camp time. That would be a wonderful pattern to have a guide with you for. Fabulous stuff!


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