Friday, November 11, 2022

Blaming it on Nann

After seeing pictures of my recent project of Edyta Sitar's Zinnias, someone (I think it was Nann/With Strings Attached) sent me a picture of another type of flower block that I might be interested in.  There was no pattern or indication of size.  So I worked up a sample using a charm pack of 30s-style prints.  .

I cut the charms into quarters and proceeded from there.  The block will finish at 6".  I had all my pieces cut and kitted for retreat and I worked on them yesterday and this morning.  I think I have settled on a setting of 25 posies with alternate solid squares, fabric to be determined, as is color placement of the flowers.

Aren't they just stinkin' cute?  This one will stay with me unless there is a new great-grand in the works any time soon.


  1. It's ADORABLE! I love this piece and you are so clever to figures out your own pattern. I love it! Way to go Nann :D

  2. That is a neat block! Love your whole wall of them, too. They look fun to work on!

  3. I don't think I can take the credit (or blame) for this one -- but it is a neat block!


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