Friday, November 4, 2022

Catching Up

We went to Maggie Valley, NC over the weekend and stayed with SIL in her cabin on the mountain that overlooks the valley.  She and her longtime friend are selling the cabin, now that friend's husband has passed away and we figured this would be our "last hurrah," as they say.  Indeed, they already have offers on the house.  Anyway, we had a very relaxing time and the only photo I thought to take was my Sunday lunch.

A Prolific Sweet Potato from Bogart's in Waynesville, stuffed with BBQ and slathered in cheese, sauce, and sour cream.  That's on a dinner plate, Folks!  Two plates, in fact, as apparently it is intended to be shared.  That mongo potato was cooked to perfection and the BBQ was delish; I brought half home for Monday's supper.

Oh, I also snapped a quick photo of a table runner I had made for the cabin several years ago.

It is going home with SIL, along with a couple of seasonal wall hangings I made for her and all of her mother's original artwork.

Tuesday was Devo Day, the one day a year when we, as a group, work on finishing up Encouragement Quilts to restock the closet.  I think we finished five, many of which I had contributed but needed borders added to meet the size we like to keep on hand.  Again, I only thought to get one photo at the end of the day.

This is one of those 3-yard quick quilts that I had cut from my stash.  Two gals teamed up for the day to put it together.

Wednesday was grocery day and we took the opportunity to vote early while we were in town.

Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning I measured, tagged, and restacked all my backing fabrics.

All of my finished tops have been moved to a table in another room to be reviewed, measured, and paired with backs.  I am determined to get my "studio" back under control.  It had gotten to the point I would go downstairs, walk in and see the mess, and just turn around and go back upstairs.  Definitely not conducive to productivity.

Today will be more of the same.  I'll probably work on those TBQ tops, restack wayward fabric, and think about some Christmas gift projects.


  1. that is one big potato! I have never tried barbecue flavors with one before. I got my early voting done too I knew in advance how I wanted to vote so it only took a couple minutes. Good luck in your organizing

  2. Fun week! Your sweet potato sounds yummy. Those 3 yard quilts seem like the perfect thing for a donation quilt. Do you use the patterns from Fabric Cafe? My LQS has really been promoting them recently. I voted, too!

  3. Oh my that sweet potato makes my mouth water. I love them. Pretty table runner and great quilt. Several have mentioned feeling overwhelmed in their sewing rooms particularly by scraps. I took the time to revamp things as well in mine. I know that feeling you mention. Definitely not conducive to creativity!

  4. What a sweet potato! I love that quilt top you showed. Encouragement quilt is such a nice phrase! I'm working on scrap quilts now to whittle down things. I don't like that feeling you discussed and that we all know!!! Sending hugs!

  5. Sounds like a really fun weekend. You got a good start on the sewing room reorg. Mine is definite need of one.

  6. Glad to hear that you got in one final hoorah at the cabin, Libby, as I know you are going to miss it! Best of luck on getting to studio under control. I feel your pain, as mine is currently a hot mess!


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