Monday, November 21, 2022

The Deadline Project

Being Presbyterian (USA), we observe the Liturgical seasons of the church calendar and the colors associated with those seasons.  Most of the year the color is green for Ordinary Time.  Purple is used for Lent, the time anticipating Easter, and Advent, the time anticipating Christmas.

As a quilter I wanted to upgrade our church's paraments (the hangings from the pulpit and lectern) so a couple of years ago I began with the green set based on a Storm at Sea setting.  I followed that with purple, based on an intricate interlocking cross design by Peg Bingham.  The white set was last, a simple diamond-in-a-rectangle design.  

I should have pictures of all of these, but I don't have time to look for them right now.  A project for another day ...

Anyway, in the process of working on the white set last Easter, apparently I "borrowed" the purple lectern hanging for measurements.  It disappeared.  I kept hoping it would reappear amongst layers of fabric, but it did not.  With Advent beginning next Sunday, I have been under pressure to reproduce the missing piece.  Monday I accomplished my goal (shown draped over my stair rail).

UPDATE:  Paraments were installed Tuesday morning. The chancel lighting affects the color.

Now on to prepping for Thanksgiving with the Arkansas contingent.  


  1. I would love to see pictures of all of them! I remember seeing the post of the one that looks like a Celtic cross, which was gorgeous, but not the Storm at Sea.

  2. Lovely parament. (I thought you were Methodist. Obviously I was mistaken.)

  3. That's beautiful, Libby! I sorry to hear about the missing one, though. Now that you've finished the replacement, you know it's bound to turn up!

  4. Ah, the case of the missing purple lectern. I am United Church (new Methodist) and we celebrated the seasons the same way. Your stitching on these special pieces is immaculate. Church congregation should be very happy.


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