Monday, February 6, 2023

California Dreaming

We spent two early days at the AT&T Pro-Am.  If you saw three people walking on the wrong side of the 4th fairway on Friday, that was us.  Once we were committed, we couldn't turn back and thankfully we weren't arrested!

The Pebble Beach course is even prettier in person than it is on TV.  

Above is the 7th green that sits on a bit of a precipice as does the 18th tee below.

The fairways are lined with beautiful homes. We joked about putting in an offer on this one!

When we weren't walking the course, we could bide our time out of the elements in this beautiful pavilion, the Palmer Club at 18.

On Friday we did the touristy things in Monterey, visiting Cannery Row and Fisherman's Wharf.  

There is a lovely paved pedestrian/recreation trail that connects the two, but if you're not into salt water taffy and T-shirts, well ...

On Sunday we ventured down to Big Sur to see McWay Waterfall but the park was closed so we stopped for lunch at Nepenthe, known for its stellar views.  We stopped into the restaurant's high-class gift shop after lunch and amongst the gorgeous Navajo silver jewelry, woven blankets, and inspirational books I spotted this:

I passed on the opportunity.  Since the tournament could not be completed on Sunday due to weather delays, we can go back today for free, though without the luxurious accommodations we had earlier in the week.


  1. I had a birthday dinner at Nepenthe several years ago. I felt as though I was making a pilgrimage! Looks as though you timed your trip right so as to miss the deluge (as much as the rain is needed).

  2. You got some good photos, Libby! I agree, Pebble Beach and that area are just beautiful. Yesterday was a crazy weather day for those golfers! We're watching the rest of the 4th round right now. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. pretty place. $5 for a Fat Quarter is crazy I can't believe how much some charge now

  4. Ah the 17 mile drive. Beautiful-hope they accept your offer ;-) And I hope you went south to have a famous burger at Nepenthe!

  5. Nepenthe is Kaffe's family's restaurant, or was anyway back when he lived in CA

  6. Looks like a lot of walking mixed in with all the fun. Enjoy what's left of your trip.

  7. Oh that looks like a fun trip! We did the 17-Mile Drive many years ago and still talk about how beautiful it was. Can you imagine living in that house? Wow!


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