Friday, February 17, 2023

Spring Has Sprung

I'm still recovering from the California trip, tackling two weeks-worth of laundry, and clearing off cluttered surfaces around the house.  I did take advantage of the laundry by throwing in the new fabric I brought home along with some other pieces that had never been washed.

The little bits I put into a mesh bag, but the larger scraps I figured would do fine.  BIG mistake!

Car service, physical therapy, and meetings have occupied much of this week.  I'm hoping to get new tires installed today.  Then I can pack for a quilt retreat!  So look forward to lots of quilting news next week.

As my headline says, Spring has indeed sprung here on the Plateau.

Lenten Roses a/k/a Hellebores


And as I write this, it is spitting snow!  Weather whiplash ...


  1. winter whiplash for sure 70's one day and 40's the next and so it will probably continue until actual spring arrives in a month or so. I hate pre-washing fabric because of what you show. I do on delicate wash and still that happens. You can of course do by hand but all the bleed doesn't come out then it seems

  2. Ugh on the mess from prewashing! That's not fun to undo. Love seeing your daffodils! They are still underground here in the cold north. But there's hope for spring!

  3. There won't be any signs of spring here for a while yet. I enjoy seeing the signs in different parts of the country to let me know there is hope it is coming.

  4. Ah, spring -- we had 4" of snow yesterday on the south end of a storm that dumped 9" on Milwaukee. 20's today, full sunshine. 40's tomorrow so it will be a sloppy mess. I acquired a destash a couple of years ago. She had serged the raw edges of every single piece, even half yards and FQs. That's one way (time-consuming!) to deal with raveling.

  5. Winter Whiplash is a great phrase! I have to remember that! I've had that gnarled mess happen a lot of times when I wash fabric--but still I keep on washing it! Have a great weekend Libby!

  6. Enjoyed reading "The One". Can't believe your garden, wow. I'm many weeks away from playing in the dirt, that's for sure!

  7. I love your daffodils. Spring is teasing here too. Have fun on your retreat!

  8. LOL!! Weather whiplash? We get that here in NC, as well. Thankfully, more often than not, MINUS the snow! Have a fun and productive time at Quilt Retreat, Libby.


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