Tuesday, February 21, 2023

What Would You Do?

So I arrived at retreat by lunchtime on Monday and got myself situated.  We've had so many drop out due to Covid or flu that those remaining have three tables!  Talk about luxury!

My first order of business was to finish the Women of the Bible sampler that I started last year with the Devo and Sew group.  All I needed to do was add two borders.  I made note of the finished block size and the finished sashing size and did the math to see how long to cut the long side inner borders. Then I measured the top and amazingly it matched my calculations!  I repeated the process with the top and bottom inner borders and everything was spot on.  That never happens.

BUT I cut them one inch too short!  What would you do?  I had enough fabric that I could cut some more but, instead, I trimmed 1/2 inch off each side.  Who (other than youall) would ever know?  

I did much better with the outer borders.  So here's the finished product.


  1. And, going, by your photo there, no one will ever be able to tell! I might have done the same thing. I think your top looks beautiful!

  2. That is a perfect solution! It's such a beautiful quilt.

  3. Yours was a smart solution! It looks amazing! However, that much covid right now is not good :( Have a wonderful retreat!

  4. I hope it wasn't all covid that they had, i wish that stuff would go away already - I think there are a lot of cold virus around here right now hubby had a cold that had him feeling as bad as some people say they are from covid, he tested and was negative. You had a good working area for sure but not for good reason!

  5. This quilt top is SEW lovely, Libby!! Sorry to hear that you had a number of people not able to make it to retreat. As for the border predicament, I would have done exactly what you did!


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