Thursday, February 2, 2023

SAHRR Prompts 1 and 2

OK.  I admit I was late getting started on Prompt 1--spools (see my last post) and then Prompt 2--stars was announced.   I have a very busy February with a limited amount of sewing time.  What's a girl to do?

Why, check what everyone else is doing, of course!  That's when I saw that someone (sorry, I don't remember who) had used what looked like dancing spools on fabric as a border for prompt one.  YES, I had a fabric with spools -- granted they were very old-fashioned spools -- so I fussy-cut several 3-1/2" squares for a test run. 

In the meantime Prompt 2--stars had been announced.  Dare I use the same crutch and look for a star fabric?  Well, wouldn't you???

So I cut some 3-1/2" squares of star fabric and alternated them with the spool fabric.  That sounds like a win for me.

Pretty dreary, if you ask me.  But timing is running out, I'm going to be out of town and away from the sewing machine for a bit, and I'll be way behind when I get back to sewing.  So here's my plan:  I will make traditional 3-inch spool blocks and the "spool" part of the block will be the star fabric!


  1. Sometimes the lack of time is the mother of invention. Sounds like you have a solid plan for going forward. The project will still be there when you get back. Enjoy your trip.

  2. I love your use of fabric for the prompts!! I am behind, and I still have not figured out how to use spools, so I think your solution is perfect.

  3. Oh Libby, I am so happy to hear you are getting relief from that awful vertigo. Tony has to always take time standing up even without vertigo. Love these fabrics you've chosen and I think you've accomplished quite a lot while being afflicted, as it were. Also love those spool blocks in various forms.

  4. I think your spool fabric border is equally as brilliant as Anya's!

  5. Well... equally as brilliant as Anja's STAR (print) border.


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