Tuesday, February 7, 2023


I have spent most of my life on or near the Atlantic Coast.  I know that the ocean is on my right when I am facing North.  It's the exact opposite on the Pacific Coast and I am SO confused!  I can't tell you how many times I have sent DH in the wrong direction on this trip.  

BUT, I have radar when it comes to a quilt shop!

So this morning we wound our way along the 17-Mile Drive through the Pebble Beach vicinity and along the rugged coastline, stopping to admire many gorgeous vistas ...

... and stopping for lunch at Sticks at Spanish Bay Inn.  After we dropped SIL off at that inn which will be her base for the next two days, I suggested we hit a quilt shop while we were on that side of the peninsula.  Back Porch Fabrics was about 3 miles up the road (or was it down ...).

A little fabric therapy made this camper happy.  Some background with soft colors ...

... a great diagonal print for borders or who-knows-what (maybe to go with those FQs) ...

... and corks to line a wine bottle bag.

Back Porch Fabrics is a small shop but a lovely selection of fabrics, particularly on the modern side (no repros).  If you are ever in Pacific Grove/Monterey, CA, drop in to visit.


  1. 17 Mile Drive and Back Porch Fabrics - two favorite places! Sounds you enjoyed your day!

  2. that looks pretty out there - I haven't been there. The shop looks good too

  3. I usually have a really good sense of direction.... except in San Francisco. The ocean being to the left really messes me up, too! Glad you are having a good trip!

  4. Hi lovely journey you are enjoying, Libby. I got to visit Pebble Beach years ago and thought the area so lovely, however, lots of tourists as I recall. You are scoring some nice fabric, yes there will always be a project for whatever you see.

  5. Everyone needs a little fabric therapy when on vacation. You did really well with yours, you got some fun fabrics to play with.

  6. Yes -- as a Chicagoan who also lived in New England, the sun RISES over the water.....I remember driving a rental car out of the lot at LAX and saying, "We head west to the mountains." Umm, no. In SoCal the mountains are east. Looks as though you are having a great trip!

  7. SEW lovely, Libby... vistas and fabrics!

  8. I had to laugh about "radar when it comes to a quilt shop"! I love that cork fabric. I understand being disoriented. I grew up in a house that faced north, and all of our roads were north/south and east/west, so I always knew my directions. Not quite that easy now!


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