Monday, April 3, 2023

In, Out, and About

 IN the kitchen, I have a Rachel Wray tip to share:  an asparagus greenhouse!

As soon as I bring fresh asparagus home from the grocery, I trim off about an inch from the bottom and put the bunch into a highball glass with about a half inch of water, making sure all stems are in the water.  I use the baggie I brought them home in to create a little greenhouse, using the rubber band to hold it in place at the base of the glass.  They stay fresh for at least a week (they don't stick around much longer than that here).  Before I steam it I break off any woody stems.  Butter and salt is all it needs.

I also tried something new today:  Lamb chops.  It's hard to find anything but ground lamb around here which we love as minty-garlicky lamburgers.  But I needed lamb bones for a Seder experience at our church this week.  Chops were the best I could get.  

Cooked on the stovetop, pretty tasty.

OUT of town, I went to a quilt study group event over the weekend in middle Ohio.  So nice to see old friends but, unfortunately, due to high winds the power went out around noon on Saturday so we had presentations by window-light.  When the power had not come back on by 4, DH and I decided to pack out.  Good thing since the power did not come back on till near midnight!

While ABOUT one day last week, I popped into our local quilt shop, Little Blessings, hoping they would have more of a shell pink blender I'm using for the flying geese in this strippy.

Unfortunately, they were out.  But I did find this lovely digital print:

The stripe is from my stash.  Isn't it a perfect match?  My eye seems to be drawn to more pastel shades recently.  Funny how our tastes change.  


  1. That's a neat tip for the asparagus! I always enjoyed her shows on Food Network - we even planned our trip to Maine based on one of her $40 a Day episodes! Pretty fabric, too. I think my fabric tastes change with the seasons!

  2. You made my mouth water talking about asparagus. That digital print could not go any better with your stash fabric, beautiful pairing!

  3. Thanks for the asparagus it is expensive so anything you can do to extend the life is worth the effort and we love it. Also mouth watering meal there Libby. The church experience sounds interesting too. Perfect fabrics together; I love those pastels.

  4. Thank you for the asparagus tip, we usualy use them the day they are purchased, but if we don't then they tend to go bad. Very pretty digital print. Looking forward to what you have planed for that duo.

  5. Incredible match for that stash fabric, Libby. Those lamb chops look delicious! I'm heading out this afternoon to buy some for Easter.


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