Sunday, April 23, 2023

Life on the Hill

 Or, more accurately, on the bluff.  Anyway, life in general is returning to normal, for the most part.

I made good progress on my new squirrel project.

Diann (Little Penguin) wisely observed that two 4Ps and two HSTs would make a block.  So that's what I've been making.  SEW much easier than spreading 4-inch blocks across the design wall!  Looking at that picture I see one block turned the wrong way ...

In the kitchen I made a couple of our favorites for dinner tonight.  Lemon-dill salmon and steamed asparagus with an herb pasta on the side.

In the garden I'm thrilled to report that the rhododendron survived the deep freeze, though it is not as full of blooms as it usually is.  

Mother Goose apparently chose another nesting spot, so the bluff is gooseless, so sad.  But we have had plenty of activity at the bird feeder, including a redwing blackbird and a gray catbird.

No meetings this week, but several annual health exams are on my schedule, plus I'm waiting to hear from a specialist about further tests for my back pain so I hope I'll have enough time to make more progress on my as-yet nameless squirrel project.


  1. That is a fun squirrel, and glad I could help! Dinner looks yummy, too. I expect we'll be seeing baby geese on the golf course before too much longer. Have a good week, Libby!

  2. A very fun and scrappy squirrel. Enjoy your sewing time!

  3. We like salmon and asparagus, too. The squirrel project is coming along nicely!

  4. Dinner looks delicious, and I really like your squirrel project. Do you have any advice for pressing the seams?

  5. Totally love your intriguing blocks together. Always magical to see the pattern emerge. We have a similar dinner often with oven baked trout or salmon. Delicious.

  6. I like your squirrel, and kudos to Diann! Your salmon dinner sounds delicious.


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