Thursday, April 20, 2023


 And yet another batik quilt.  No matter how much I try to use it up, I just seem to generate more scraps!

I was auditioning the dark batik in the HSTs.  It is husband-approved so I will proceed.  All the 4Ps are made; only 148 more HSTs to go ...  I'm hoping to make a lot of progress over the weekend when I'm not working in the yard.

The Christmas freeze was extremely devastating to our shrubs but the azaleas are doing their best to show us they still have some life left in them.

I will wait to see how much green shows up before I trim.  We have one huge holly (behind the dogwood) that is toast, as are the acubas next to the house.  

The holly had really gotten to be too big for the location at the corner of the house, so I'm working on a plan to re-do the entire front bed, hopefully something low-maintenance.


  1. I like your new design! Does that block (two 4 patches and two HSTs) habpve a traditional name? Looks like you can do a lot with those simple pieces. Glad things are blooming there - fun to see!

  2. I like that dark batik, it really works with the other fabrics. The cold spell in December wasn't good for the plants. One rose bush and our burning bush all took a hit, but they aren't dead. Why didn't the freeze do more to the weeds?

  3. I had to look at your pretty design to figure it out and it is genius how it looks overall. I agree with hubby, the fabrics together are perfect. Amazing how gardens revive somehow.

  4. I really like how you are placing your blocks in that pretty batik quilt. You have to do yardwork when you can, right? I have been torn between sewing time and yardwork - Hubby has done most of it - and now it's cold again here in north Texas. Guess I'll be forced to stay in and sew now. :D

  5. That's going to be one spectacular quilt, Libby! Sorry about your poor pitiful azalea. It's valiantly trying to recover its former splendor!


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