Monday, August 31, 2015

Catch and Release ...

... unwanted fabric from captivity

A quilting friend passed away earlier this year and her husband has been struggling with how to dispose of her more-than-ample stash of fabric, yarn, quilting threads, and crafting supplies.

This has weighed heavily on my mind in recent days. What will happen to all my "stuff"?  How will the family handle it?  How can I make the job easier for them?

I decided the first order of business is to get rid of things I don't want/won't use right now!  So far I've set aside 39 yards of fabric from my studio shelves to donate to various causes.
60 Degrees of Separation

Then I went to the closet to see what other miscellaneous items I could purge -- except, I couldn't get in for the mess.  That set me off on a cleaning spree (more on that later).

I've cut back considerably on my teaching and have a number of class samples and stepouts that I no longer need.  One of these is my own design, 60 Degrees of Separation, that just needed a few seams to put the blocks together.

I'm sending this one on to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for her quilt ministry.  I'll leave it up to her if she wants to add setting triangles top and bottom or just trim to square. Included will be some of the leftover fabric for potential borders.

She will also be getting two small tops, a kit, and much of the fabric because I know it will go to good use.

Mariner's Compass X 4

The second order of business will be to finish more projects.

I found these gems in the closet.  Over the course of several years I took three, maybe four, different classes for Mariner's Compass, all utilizing different techniques.  (My favorite, by the way, was Judy Mathieson's freezer paper technique.)  I had the presence of mind to use the same fabrics for all the classes with the thought that I might be able to put them all together in a single quilt. And, to my delight, I never scavenged those fabrics for other projects so I can see a potential finish ... maybe ... someday ...

So that's what on my design wall today.  Hop over to Patchwork Times to see what others will be working on this week.

Oh, and as far as my Stash Report, nothing came in and I'm not counting anything out till it leaves the house.


  1. Libby that is super! Sarah is probably soooo delighted! I think about such things too. On Sept 18th, Cyndy of Quilting is More Fun Than Housework, is holding her linky party "Quilty Orphan Adoption Event". That's a good way to give away projects that no longer light your fire too.
    Here, I found her post:

  2. Sarah's quilt ministry is such a worthy recipient of your unwanted projects. I'm sure her team will finish them up and donate them to folks who will be comforted by them. Good luck with your Mariner's compasses. You were smart to plan all the fabrics to be consistent.

  3. Libby, like you, I've been thinking a lot about my stash.
    What is Sarah's ministry?
    The mariner's compasses look great! Sharon B in Franklin

  4. The quilts Sarah's ministry makes and donates is just amazing to me. What a gift! Your Mariner's compass blocks look promising. I have not ventured into that territory yet, but would love to make one someday. Good luck with your cleaning and purging!

  5. No easy task. Sarah will love everything you send her way.


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