Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Summer for the Book

June-July 2016

Life as I know it -- which is pretty boring most of the time -- began to fall apart with the 24-hour power outage in late June. Then came the news that our planned vacation, The Greenbrier Golf Classic, was cancelled due to the flooding in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

In this two-month period we've had to replace a TV, DVD player, microwave, and HVAC, unrelated to the power outage (at least that's what I think), as well as Alex's glasses. My Faithful Pfaff had to go to the hospital this week after a needle got jammed in the bobbin area.

MIL's physical condition has slipped a bit more, Alex had two diagnostic medical procedures (two more to go), and SIL got so stressed about caring for her mother while we were on vacation that she convinced herself she had a brain tumor! (In reality she was having allergic reactions to some medications.)

I mention all this to explain why I didn't meet my One Monthly Goal (OMG) for July. Even though I had time, it's hard to concentrate with all those distractions. I did put Terrific Triangles up on the design wall, even bought some fabric for setting triangles, but I'm still dithering about how to finish it since I'm not happy with the size and I have fabric available to add more triangles.

Terrific Triangles
Bloom Where Planted never made it out of the box to be quilted.

Bloom Where Planted
Both of these projects will go to retreat with me later next month.

The positives: Alex and I cobbled together a most enjoyable alternative vacation trip (still no refund on the tournament tickets, though). Alex's test results were negative and the professionals convinced him he has serious sleep apnea (something I've been telling him for years) so that study still needs to be scheduled.  After a battery of tests it was determined that SIL's condition can be improved with an occasional Xanax.

ALSO, I finished a top for RSC16 ...

Ohio Watermelon Stars
... and am 3 corners short of finishing my March RSC16 project ...

That Purple Project
My first survey of the stash did not reveal an appropriate border fabric so I think I'll call it done and bind with a purple to create a finishing frame. Both of these little numbers will go into my donation queue.

So that's it for July. Hop over to Red Letter Quilts to see how others managed their OMGs.


  1. Glad things are (mostly) okay now! Thinking about y'all.

  2. That's quite a July! It's amazing how those distractions can add up to reduced sewing room time. Still you got a lot done. I really like your Ohio Watermelon Stars project. The colors are perfect, plus it's a great way to use up those smaller pink scraps. Looking forward to seeing what comes in August.

  3. You did have quite a July! Still, you got a lot done anyway. I hope you get to relax, de-stress, and enjoy some quality sewing time at your retreat.

  4. This whole summer has just been a catastrophe on wheels, hasn't it? I do hope things calm down a bit for you.
    I think you got a lot done, especially with all the distractions. Love those Ohio stars!

  5. I do hope things are settling down! I adore terrific Triangles, but will wait patiently while you consider size and layout. Quilting should be fun - pick it up again when you are able to enjoy focusing on it! Have a great time at retreat!

  6. Sometimes life is like that. But quilting is for relaxation and enjoyment; it's to distress you, not add to your stress. So just pick it up at a pace you can enjoy. I've not had much time this summer and don't even know what I'm taking to retreat to work on. I'm not really inspired by anything at the moment - too much has been going on. Maybe after a day at the retreat, I'll be able to get inspired with something. Sharon B in Franklin


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