Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Home Again

The North Carolina Quilt Symposium is now history and I have returned to our hillside retreat.  Really, though, our little hill is nothing compared to the hill up to my SIL's cabin at Maggie Valley!

Remember this shot from last Thursday?

View from deck 5/18/17
This is what I returned to on Sunday:

"Smoky" Mountains
A drizzly rain with low-hanging clouds.  I was so grateful that I had Mica tooling up the mountain side; I don't think my old vehicle would have made it!

Monday morning's view was much the same:

The rain clouds were breaking up, but the fog had settled in the valley.  By the time I had the van loaded and was ready to head down the mountain the fog had pretty much cleared; however the rain returned.

A word of advice:  Don't leave home in a new vehicle without getting the full rundown on how everything works!  Necessity became my teacher. 

Fortunately the wipers worked pretty much like my last van.  I now know the proper sequence for starting and stopping the engine and how to operate the headlights.  I discovered the difference between popping the gas hatch and popping the hood latch.  Never did figure out how to operate the automatic rear hatch; I think it needs some work.  It took several days for me to work out the proper setting for the AC, including how to defog the windshield.  There were times when I expected the little screen behind the steering wheel to say "You idiot!"  It's just plain scary when a machine is smarter the you are!!


  1. Glad you're home safe and sound!
    My car isn't particularly smart, but I swear it has rolled its eyes at me a few times...

  2. Libby, you have an amazing view - foggy or clear! Learning a new car is always challenging, but glad the new one got you there and back again!

  3. Welcome back, Libby -- hope it was inspirational and successful. I test drove two possible car models yesterday. Lots of new features!

  4. Glad you got home ok. Thanks for sharing those amazing mountain views!! What a wonderful place to visit.

  5. You have a beautiful view. I hear you on the new car stuff. My last business trip was 3 different rental cars in 4 days. I've been known to dig for the owners manual to figure out how to open the gas cap!


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