Saturday, May 13, 2017

Scrappy Saturday

More Green

Lots of Green

I found some time to whip up more Chunky Churn Dashes in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for May -- Green

Chunky Churn Dashes in green
I have bits in the box to make a few more as the month goes on.  I also started pulling out bits for a Scrap Jar Star block.

I was frankly surprised at how many green scraps I have.  Until I started reorganizing my fabric shelves.

Green is what I seem to have a lot of.  I certainly don't consider it a "favorite" color; maybe it's just that there are so many different shades of green.  The only color family I have more of is yellow/gold.

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  1. We are in the same boat - when I organized my fabric stash I was also surprised at how much green I had. Green and blue are the winners of quantity at my house.

  2. Ditto on the green at my house! I like your chunky churn dashes in green, and pretty photos of your green and yellow stash, too!

  3. While I always say to buy ANY "good" yellow (or orange) fabric you find, I'm shocked that you have more yellow than green in your stash!! Looks like you've almost got enough GREEN Chunky Churn Dash blocks for their own quilt. You must be having some big fun!!

  4. Your chunky Churn Dash blocks look great all in a row. I have a lot of green, but a lot more red in my stash. Once color I have very little of is blue. It's interesting what we seem to collect or are drawn to.

  5. I gathered up greens last year for a Storm at Sea, but I used so many of them that I'm short again... Grabbed a few half yards today, in an effort to combat that shortage!
    I love your chunkies. They look like they're as addictive as the monkeys! (Why am I suddenly thinking about Chunky Monkey?)

  6. Isn't it funny how once you say, "I don't have much of []." Then you take a good look at your stash and realize that in fact you have quite a lot of that whatever. My recent project has used up a lot of reds and blues but the green shelves overflow.

  7. That green just sort of snuck up on you! Love the chunky churndashs!

  8. Those Chunky Churn Dash are great. I think we all have a mountain of green in our stash.


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