Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Like ...


I'm on my way to the North Carolina Quilt Symposium today
which is why I was inspired to tell you why I like to travel.

Blame it on The Folks.  My mother (The Mama) had taken a 6-week tour of the West in her best friend's Model A Ford in 1931.  They put over 10,000 miles on that brand new vehicle, visiting just about every National Park between Columbus, OH and the West Coast. 

Elizabeth (The Mama) and Ruth, August 1931
Our family relived that trip on two separate vacations in 1954 and 1955 and I was bitten by the travel bug big time.  I have visited every state except one or two in the north-center of the US, as well as several European countries.

I like visiting new places.  So many people around us growing up were content to go to the same places over and over. Whether it was to grandmother's farm or the Florida beach, it was the same thing year after year.   Not for us.  We did go to Florida one year to visit relatives in Orlando (pre-Disney World, made it to the beach only one day), but we also took extended vacations to New England and Canada.  This is not my first visit to NC Quilt Symposium, however.

I like family memories.  I established the travel routine with my own family, as well.  I'm not sure Son-1 and Son-2 always appreciated it, especially the "educational" elements I tried to include.  But for every cheese factory tour there was also a sports hall-of-fame visit to balance it.  We stopped at many overlooks, read markers, and hiked many trails in National Parks, but we also played animated board games by the campfire at night.  Lots of laughs, lots of memories!

I like to drive.  That's a good thing since it's over 500 miles to Raleigh!   I enjoy watching the scenery slide by, ever-changing with the lay of the land.  At least I've been able to split the trip each way with an overnight stay at SIL's cabin in Maggie Valley, NC. 

View from the deck
It's quite a haul up the hill to this cabin, but Mica (my new wheels) handled it like a trooper (though she was VERY hot by the time I got here!).

I like audiobooks.   I enjoy the solitude of driving alone with time to think or listen to a book.  I don't read much; I can't find a comfortable distance to focus on the page and it really tires my eyes.  But I DO enjoy being read to.  Back in my working days I would wish for traffic so I could listen to more of the current book.  I also would go out and drive around on my lunch hour just to listen to my book when it got to the exciting part!  I've gone through most of the Sue Grafton alphabet, the Ladies Murder Club mysteries, and Stephanie Plum adventures. 

My accompaniment on this trip is Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule (a/k/a Julia and Jule!) by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Yes, the same author who wrote the Elm Creek quilt books!  Her historical novels are very well researched and well written -- I say that based on the only one I've "read" so far, Mrs. Lincoln's Rival.  I'm finding this one just as engaging.

I like getting together with virtual friends.  I will be hooking up with The Joyful Quilter tomorrow.  We had so much fun together in Pigeon forge; I know this will be just as pleasant.  Her guild, the Durham Orange Quilters's Guild, is responsible for Symposium this year.  They have an excellent program of classes and lectures lined up. Perhaps I'll get to meet other bloggers face-to-face on this trip, like Patty D at Elm Street Quilts; I can always hope ...

Stay tuned for daily reports.

I'm posting this early while I have an internet connection.  Head over to Not Afraid of Color on Thursday to see what other quilters like.


  1. I like to travel, too, and have been blessed to see some beautiful sights. New adventures are always at the top of my list. My husband and I have instilled this love of travel into our daughters, too. One of my bucket list items is to visit a quilt shop in every state and I am more than half way there! Safe travels!

  2. I love love your like today. Loved that you had the old photos as well! Thank you for today's inspiration!

  3. Wonderful photo, such adventurous ladies of their time! I treasure the trip journals written by several ancestors in the 30's -50's. They are lacking photos, & a bit dry, but interesting too to read of prices, foods eaten, miles covered, & generosity of those encountered along their travels. So cool! My favorite books are historical fiction, currently listening to 'A Friend of Mr Lincoln'. So far it is hard to get into, but hoping it picks up!

  4. I was transported Libby! I love this post so much. The adventure your mama took was a life changer. And I'm jealous you're meeting up with the joyful quilter!
    We owned and stayed in cabins in Maggie Valley every year of my youth. Our family owned Smokey Shadows Lodge. I have a particular soft spot for Maggie Valley. The softness, the views, the dances, the crafts. Have fun, wish I was there! LeeAnna

  5. I grew up on camping and road trips, and we did that with our kids as well. Son #2 once told us he didn't think he knew anyone who had traveled in the US as much our family had! I was so glad he has those memories of growing up. Hope you had a good trip to NC, enjoyed your audiobook, and really enjoy the quilt symposium!

  6. Have a terrific time! Give Joyful a hug from me!

  7. What a great list of reasons to love travel! I share many of them myself, and so neat to hear of your mothers trip so many years ago! I too like audiobooks while driving, and love traveling with other audiobook inclined friends!

  8. That's a great treasure of a photo you have there. What beautiful views you enjoy in your part of the country. I love audiobooks while I'm sewing or working round the house. There are quite a few free on YouTube. I don't get to travel often anymore but when I do I love it!

  9. What a great post! I had noticed that you seem to be on the move a lot and now I know why. I too love to travel and to drive and hope my kids have happy memories of the resulting holidays.

  10. Sounds like your mom had "itchy feet". My family didn't go anywhere, but My Guy's did. So we travel a lot. The start of every family vacation discussion is "where have we not gone yet".

  11. I enjoyed this post, Libby -- loved hearing about your mother's cross-country adventure. Hooray for audiobooks! I look forward to the report from the symposium. Hope Mica does well for you.

  12. Great post - I like to drive too, and see new things - hope you have a great trip!

  13. Loved your post. Both of my parents loved to travel, and we took many family trips. They past that love to all five of us kids. I like driving, too, so that is good. I still have 12 western states to go, including Hawaii (not driving to it, though), Alaska, and Minnesota & N. Dakota to finish the States. I've been to Canada & Mexico, but not across any oceans. When Publishers' Clearing House visits with my check, I will start planning the rest of the trips! Sharon B in Frnaklin (p.s. Is there a way to make the pictures in the verifying process bigger so that I can see what they are?)


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