Monday, May 29, 2017

One Monthly Goal - May


On May 1st I set my goal, to finish my addition to a round robin block.  This is where I stood at the beginning of the month.

Marcia's block with 2 rounds added
I auditioned fabrics from my stash. I purchased more FQs in Paducah. 

I bought more yardage at my LQS.

I bought more fabric on my way to NC.

In the end, I think I have enough fabric for a whole 'nother quilt!

My original idea was to repeat the drunkard's path blocks in my round.  I first tried using my Strips and Curves templates, but the size wasn't right and I wasn't ending up with sufficient seam allowance.  I then purchased a circle tool designed for this purpose. 

Essential Circle Tool by Becky Goldsmith
It actually worked very well, but it took a lot of time, there is a lot of waste, and I still wasn't happy with my fabric choices.

Then I remembered a technique I learned at the Pigeon Forge show.

Cindy Williams (a/k/a the Math Whisperer) improved on a shortcut piecing technique for flying geese to be put into a staggered strip.

So, here is the result.

May OMG - Done!
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  1. Perfect, Libby! With your wavy background fabric, the geese look like schools of fish swimming around the quilt. I love it!!

  2. I like it! Nice choice for your round!

  3. Oh, those fishy geese are perfect!

  4. Wow, I really like those offset flying geese! I think your border is a great next step for this quilt!

  5. Libby, I had to laugh at all that fabric buying for a simple set of borders! Your addition is great. I'm sure the owner will really like it.

  6. It is PERFECT!! I broke into a huge grin when I saw your added border. LOVE the whimsy of the wavy fabric and the motion that the geese add! N

  7. Perfect! Your addition really complements the rest of the quilt. Congrats on meeting your May OMG.

  8. Love the border. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  9. YES! You nailed it! And I'm looking forward to seeing the whole 'nother quilt you make with all those fabrics you bought - they're so pretty.

  10. Absolutely beautiful! You did an awesome job on that darling quilt top :)

  11. Your approach is like mine . . . come up with an idea, try to use stash, and end up buying more. The RR solution is elegant. The triangular geese add interest to the round center block. And you've got some fine fabric for another project!

  12. Lovely quilt-so worth the effort!mary in Az

  13. I'm so happy you have salvaged your rhododendron and yes, nature is amazing. This little quilt turned out lovely and thanks for the Cindy Williams tip.

  14. Spot on! Great design choice and I really like the fabrics you ended up using (and you have a whole other quilt you can make with the remainder).


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