Friday, May 26, 2017

Poor Rhoddie

She Lives!

Remember the sorry state of my rhododendron?

Poor Rhoddie
Last summer's drought and late February freezes took a toll on my beloved bush.  I waited till it was well past blooming season (even though it never bloomed) to prune it back.  Today was the perfect day to attack the mess.

Look at her now!

Pruned to the extreme
But, look at what I revealed --

New growth at the base
I saved any branches that exhibited the slightest sign of life.  Can you see the brighter green of the new growth?

New growth
It looks like a bud might have formed, too.  The resilience of Nature is amazing!

I can finally see my favorite yard art.

Now it's time to attack the wall before it becomes a jungle again.


  1. Our roses fared similarly with the drought here. My yellow ones may never be the same.

  2. Congratulations on keeping your bush. We don't have one of those, but I sure enjoy my daughter's. If I tried to start on, the groundhog would probably eat it. I like the colors of your round Robin. Now you can make your own quilt from those colors and all your new fabric. Ha!


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