Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A Handy Thing

Or two!

Last week Jo/Jo's Country Junction mentioned she had found a lap desk at a thrift store that she is using for small handwork projects.

That reminded me that I had purchased this lap desk at The Container Store about 8 years ago. (No affiliation and I'm not sure they are still selling the same product, tho they have something similar.)

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it never saw a great deal of use.  Miraculously, I knew exactly where I had put it after the move.  AND I have a specific need for it right now!  I am marking dozens of pieces for Castle Wall blocks and I didn't want to stand at the cutting table for hours.

Castle Wall
I started this project in a class with Mickey Depre at Pigeon Forge Mountain Quilt Fest a couple of years ago.  Since she is coming to our guild in May, I thought I should move it a little further along.  And this handwork project would be "handy" to carry along in the multiple travels scheduled in the next few months.

I can sit in my easy chair and mark away!

The surface completely covers my lap, whether I have the legs pulled down or just balancing it on my legs.

The compartments inside hold all the tools I need: sandpaper mat, templates, mechanical pencil, scissors, cutting mat, and cutters.

I am kitting blocks into baggies and will carry them along with me in this cool multi-pocket project bag a sweet friend in the Music City Modern guild gave me when I moved away.

Thank you, Jenny!
Two handy things!


  1. that is a great product and I need to find it LOL - really that would work out for me in the camper so much or here at home - one plus is that it holds work closer to you so you are not hunched over quite so much

  2. That does look like a handy item to have, especially for that step of hand-piecing when you have to mark your seam lines. I love that you can store your supplies in it, too. The castle wall block is sure a pretty design!

  3. Great idea, Libby! Would you be able to use this in the car, too? Not to mark things, obviously, but to stitch... if you're one who can stitch while riding.

  4. A very handy accessory. Even better you knew where you put it!

  5. i used mickey's castle wall templates and made a beautiful scrappy quilt...all hand traced hand cut and hand pieced....now hand quilted wish I could send you a picture!!

  6. Lovely! And a great solution for marking and sorting.

  7. used the castle wall pattern by Mickey - made full size quilt with it - all hand traced, cut, stitched and quilted!! no machines involved ...love this pattern wish I could post a photo


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