Monday, December 9, 2019

Time keeps slippin', slippin' ...


This is a capsule of  where my attention has been the last few weeks

Special Suffrage project and traveling handwork

Guild Christmas Party

Guess the theme
Table favors

Christmas Cactus
And today ...

Safelite is here to replace my windshield that had a 21" crack in it.

Since my last post I've fit in several lengthy choir rehearsals and performance yesterday.
Fellowship dinner last night.
One more luncheon here this week.
Devo party and neighborhood cookie exchange next week.

When will I have time to finish quilty gifts???


  1. Wow, Libby... You are QUITE the social butterfly!! Best of luck on finishing your Holiday quilting.

  2. Socializing does cut into quilting time but the festivities can be such fun!

  3. I'd offer to do your sewing for you, but then who would do mine? 8)
    Enjoy your social whirl into the holidays!

  4. It definitely is a busy time of year! Hope it has all been fun! (Well, except for the windshield replacement, which is at least convenient.:) Your Christmas cactus is beautiful!

  5. What holiday fun! Minus the windshield ;) I love your Christmas cactus.

  6. You've been busy, busy. What happened to put a 21" crack in your windshield?!? I love gnomes! :)

  7. Enjoy the festive Holiday season!


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