Sunday, March 1, 2020

RSC - Caught Up

and ahead of the game
sort of ...

Being off the mainland for most of the month, 
I'm just going to write off January in this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  
And, to be honest, I hadn't given RSC much thought 
until yesterday -- the last day of February.

Then I saw Julie in Georgia's blog post (Julie's Quilts and Costumes) and thought, "I can do that!"

Square Dance in Orange
Orange for February and Teal for March!

Square Dance in Teal
Yay, I'm caught up!
Thanks, Julie for the inspiration.

Linking up with Scrap Happy Saturday.


  1. Yay Libby! Now you’re caught up. Doesn’t Julie come up with the best blocks?

  2. That really is a fun block! I've been eyeing it myself...

  3. I like those blocks, too, Libby! I bet you can throw together a green one! :)

  4. What a pretty block..these will make a lovely piece hugs, Julierose

  5. Pretty blocks. Ive just started making RSC blocks too, you're not the only late starter!

  6. I deliberated a very long time about jumping on that wagon. Then some finished top started to show up and Oooohhh! some are so beautiful. Still resisting. Love your blocks. Looking forward to see which layout you will choose. Enjoy! ;^)

  7. Happy to provide inspiration! Your blocks look great, and they are so easy to make!

  8. Your blocks are beautiful. LOVE your scraps.

  9. I notice that your blocks are sewn differently. Care to share?

  10. I like that block and it makes such a nice design. Your scraps are beautiful!
    I need to get busy with my teal scrap bin, but we've been doing yard work, and our littlest grands are supposed to visit this week - yay!

  11. Very fun scrappy blocks. So are you just doing one of each?

  12. Lovely blocks. I hope you and your family fared well what with that tornado ripping thru TN last week.


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