Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Nearing the Finish Line

and a Bonus Finish!

Back in July -- seems like a lifetime ago -- I took a class on Panel One Block Wonder at Tennessee Quilts Fest in Johnson City, TN.  It takes SEVEN panels -- six for the hexies, plus the intact panel for the center.

I dithered and doubted and, in the end, bought three sets of panels.  (Had I been wiser, I would have bought one of each, made a decision, and then ordered six more of what I chose.)  I went with the peacock.

I am closing in on the finish of this piece.  I just have a half-hexie to replace on the right side ...

... and some filler pieces to cover selvedge at the top ...

One of the reasons I chose to work on this project is because it is mostly teal, the RSC color for March (my photos don't do it justice).

The bonus finish -- I used the leftover hexies to make this lap quilt.

It is about 40 x 50, just right to keep the draft off your feet.  
Finish # 5 for the S'mores 20-in-20 challenge.
(For me, a top/flimsy is a "finish")


  1. You must have made a lot of blocks for your OBO to have enough left for a whole lap quilt! Looking forward to seeing your finish!

  2. Awesome finish!! Looking forward to the Peacock walk quilt being finished, too.

  3. Your lap quilt is gorgeous! I had not heard of panel one block wonder quilts, so I can't wait to see your finish.

  4. Great result! But I agree -- six panels is quite an investment.


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