Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sewing the Alphabet

A is for ... Anything?

No ... nada ... nothing

So let's move on to B is for Blue Toile.  A little back story:  In 2009 I combined simple blue-and-white pinwheels with 6" fussy-cut squares from a cute blue toile to make a throw quilt for the church's youth group auction.

I was left with Swiss cheese, but was able to salvage several more squares that I planned to put together with some of the other leftover pieces ... some day.  Bein' as B was at the top of my stack, this was one of the first projects that came with me to the new house two years ago.  And I was quick to start on it till I broke my right ankle about two weeks later.  Needless to say, my enthusiasm for the project waned ... till last week when I started this reorganization project.

I made some simple 9 patches to combine with the toile squares.

I was short two focus squares so I cut a couple from a companion floral fabric.  Those two went into the center of this 36" x 36" baby quilt that will be going to Jack's Basket.

Blue Toile

With back and binding, it's progressed to the TBQ pile and the box is empty!!


  1. Just a beautiful "save" from that cut up cloth ;))) nice work hugs, Julierose

  2. Awesome progress, Libby. I am in love with your new blog series! The folks at Jack's Basket will be thrilled to receive this sweet quilt. (Once it's been completed!)

  3. Libby, that is so fun - the sweet toile print with those 9 patches! Great idea, and close to a finish, too!

  4. So pretty, and so nice to have that project done and the box empty!

  5. It's beautiful, Libby! Great use of 'Swiss cheese' fabric!
    And congrats on that empty box! Time to fill it right back up!

  6. I landed at your blog at the C post so had to backup and read about the other letters. Gosh, I like that little Toile quilt. I think I have some of that fabric in pink so I think I see a pink toile quilt in my future. Gee thanks.


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