Tuesday, March 3, 2020

In like a lion

Just a quick note to say we are fine here on the Plateau.  
Son-1 dodged the bullet in Nashville; 
his neighborhood took a pretty heavy hit but not like downtown.

I decided to stay in out of the rain today and finished up Mosaic Mystery (designed by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs).

Mosaic Mystery
I really need to think of a name for this one.  It was fun working with the neutral colors.  I couldn't find a suitable border fabric -- I know what you're thinking!  So I am just going to count it finished, as is and will add a solid black binding.  It will measure about 50" x 60", a nice lap size.

I love it when blocks come together as planned ...

I am especially proud of these ...

But there were quite a few of these ...

Thanks, Cheryl, for a fun and easy mystery!


  1. I caught the news this morning and wondered how many of the bloggers that I read are near Nashville - I knew there are at least a couple - glad it missed your son

  2. It's a blessing that your son was missed; talk about damage --so sad...
    Your quilt is really beautiful I love the neutral colors...nice choice...hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful!!! Glad to hear that your son is ok. My heart goes out to his neighbors, Libby.

  4. So glad your son is safe, Libby! I was just looking at photos of Nashville - oh my goodness. Your Mosaic Mystery is lovely! I think it would be hard to put a border on that one, too. Great job on those points! :)

  5. Your points are plenty pointy!
    Glad you and yours are safe. Horrifying weather.

  6. Great quilt design! Glad you all are okay.

  7. Glad to hear you and your family are okay. I love your neutral quilt! But you probably knew I would since I always like your color palettes.

  8. Crazy weather all over these days it seems, but I am glad you are safe. I like how the neutrals worked out and am full of admiration for your little bits of point perfection.

  9. The only positive of that awful weather is seeing how the folks in Tennessee are stepping up and helping out. I've even read where there were so many volunteers in one location the police couldn't allow any more help. Good Job, Volunteer state. Love the neutrals for that quilt. It looks fabulous.

  10. Those are great news about your son and your points. Too bad for the border. I love your colorways. I didn't play along but I've kept the instruction. I love this quilt design. ;^)

  11. So glad your son is safe. We used to live north of Moore Oklahoma and had our share of scares. It is particularly terrifying at night.
    Your neutrals quilt is lovely and does deserve a better name - lol! I think a black binding would be just right.
    I feel so smug when I get points to meet - usually right before I find more that don't. ;)

  12. Glad that your son didn't have a lot of damage from the tornado. It looked really bad from what they were showing on TV. Your Mosaic Mystery quilt turned out beautifully. I love the contrast with the dark and the neutral fabrics.


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