Sunday, March 29, 2020

Squirrel Alert - C is for Coffee


Do you see Coffee in this pile of project boxes?

That's because it didn't exist before Friday night!

  Looking through Coffee-time Quilts by Cathy Wierzbicki, I saw a project that used coffee-themed fabric that reminded me I have a box full of coffee fabric, including this bright panel of cups:

Several years ago I had a secret sister who is a coffee fanatic.  
Each month I gave (or sent) her a cup that I sashed in bright colors, something like this.

I don't know if she ever did anything with them, but I was inspired to dig out the remaining panel.  Friday I separated the blocks, cut fabric for the sashing, and left the pile next to my machine.  
That pile greeted me yesterday morning and I made quick work with the blocks.  
I was inspired by Julie/JulieK Quilts to use HSTs for the setting squares.

Setting HSTs - fabric from stash
And by bedtime (albeit a late bedtime) all the blocks were finished:

Today I will finish assembly and add a border to make it a nice lap size.

But I digress!  Back to the pile of Cs.
(Speaking of coffee, you might want to grab a beverage; this list is long.)

C is for Castle Wall: This is a hand-piecing project that I started a couple of years ago with Mickey Depre at Pigeon Forge Mountain Quilt Fest.  I prepared a number of blocks to take on our TOALT in January, but never got them out of my backpack.  On the long flights it was so much easier to read a book on my Kindle, instead.

Castle Wall
The kitted blocks are next to my chair in the family room so I will be able to resume hand piecing once I finish the last of my binding pile.

C is for Caryl Bryer Fallert:  When Caryl still had her studio in Paducah, I purchased several cuts of her fabric and this pattern:

It looks like something that will require some concentrated time and attention to detail so I will re-file this project under I for Illusion.

C is for Christmas Table Runners:  This one runner simply needs quilting, so it will go in my pile of little projects that need finishing.

But there is a second project in the box.

The pieces are already cut to expand the wedges to a full-size.  I will refile this one under M with plans to finish it before the 4th of July.

C is for Continental Divide:  This one has not been started, but it is one I really want to make Someday.

A variation of Delectable Mountains from Debbie Caffrey's booklet Becoming a Confident Quilter, the fabrics have been selected and await the next retreat where I can give it my full attention.

Continental Divide fabrics
C is for Cursor:  Finally, something that will be a relatively quick finish!

This one dates from my "modern" quilt phase of a couple of years ago.  All the pieces are cut and a sample block made.  I am using only Grunge in this one.

I plan to put the two browns opposite each other in the final arrangement.  So this one will be next in line as soon as I get Buckeye Stars and Coffee Time off the design wall.

That's it for the Cs! If you got this far, I thank you for visiting.  Stay safe and keep well.

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  1. I thought you were supposed to be sorting and FINISHING... not starting something new, Libby. Whoops!! At least, Coffee is getting more fabric OUT of your stash. Let's consider that a win. :o))

    1. I never promised to finish! My theory is if the box has a label, it's fair game.

  2. I never thought about sorting my UFO's alphabetically, but what a wonderful idea. Congratulations on the sorting, reorganizing and finishing your UFO pile. I have several of Cheryl Phillip's pattern - now I need to go see if Moroccan Tiles is one of them. Marlene

  3. Love the coffee quilt project - and especially the way you made the coffee cup blocks wonky! Cursor looks like a neat one, too. You have plenty of fun things to work on, Libby!

  4. Love those dancing coffee cups - so bright and cheery! (And possibly sloshy!)
    Your other projects look like a fun bunch, too. And you're only up to the C's? You've got plenty to keep you busy!

  5. Gosh, I think you have the letter 'C' all covered. Love those coffee cups and did you say that the Cursor quilt was quick?? I am impressed.

  6. Great job sewing up an older stash piece. That is progress to me!

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  7. I'd never thought of storing UFOs alphabetically. I am sure that makes them easier to find.

  8. I had to chuckle at dealing with a project by renaming it further along in the alphabet! But did admire the top in a day.

  9. Your coffee quilt is darling, and the Christmas runner is spectacular! All your C projects look fun.

  10. What a fun post! And what a fun coffee quilt. I C you are staying busy. And you reminded me I have a Castle block UFO made with Valentine themed fabrics...Valentine Castle. I'll have to C where I put that.


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