Thursday, April 15, 2021

Retreat Days 2/3

 Each day I'm feeling stronger and so glad I opted to spend time with my friends.  We've all had a nose to the needle, foot to the pedal and much beautiful stuff is evolving.  But, unfortunately, the cloud is being selective in which photos it wants to save.  I'll show what I can.

First is Sena's feathered star that she started at a Cindy Williams retreat.  It will eventually morph into Blue Velvet, a Cindy Williams pattern.

Next is Nancy's feathered star that she began in a class with Marsha McCluskey in 2009.
I love the setting!

Deanna brought a quilt made from a blocks we exchanged at a retreat in 2013.  The challenge was to use "Civil War" prints, any block pattern.  I love the setting on this one, too.

I put the last two borders on Delectable Mountains, layered the paraments for the church, and have stitched the bindings on both quilts that recently came back from the LAQ.  Photos to follow.


  1. Glad you're enjoying yourself and seeing your friends and their beautiful creations! Hope you get lots done on your own projects, too.

  2. Always a productive time, retreats are. Thanks for sharing the group's progress, Libby!


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