Monday, April 5, 2021

Still Gimpy

Well, I DID make it down to the sewing room today, but only to consider a border change on Weaver Fever that I showed yesterday.  

I was inspired by my friend Donna (born a Weaver) who used a floral border on hers.


This is Donna's second started in 2015!

Well, of all my border prints, nothing would work (insert sad face here).  But in my search I did discover a baggie with pieces and parts from a Quilting 101 series I taught at a guild in 2014.

There is another Table Scraps runner in my future!


  1. love your star - and thanks for the block photo you sent I have saved it in case I want to do it that way - if I make that quilt lol

  2. Another TABLE SCRAPS runner?! LOVE it, Libby!!! Here's hoping you will soon unearth a suitable border fabric for Weaver Fever.


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