Tuesday, May 11, 2021

One More Week to Devo and Sew!

Soon after we moved to the Plateau I joined a group of ladies who get together to sew at a church in town.  We would sew, have lunch, and share a time of prayer and praise twice a month -- until the Covid lockdown.

Next week we will get together for the first time in over a year (with a few modifications to our routine).  Rather than sew that day, we are going to show and share what we have been working on during the time away.  So I did a quick inventory to see what I wanted to take to show.  Turns out my time of I-sew-lation was quite productive -- roughly 46 projects in 15 months.  A lot of what I have accomplished has used pieces and parts from the orphan bin.  Bear in mind that a top/flimsy, which most of mine are, qualifies as a finish in my world.

Three wall hangings - My favorite is Everlasting.  It started with a fat quarter and grew from there.  It is staying with me and will probably get some custom quilting.

Five wheelchair quilts - I realize I never posted about one of my favorites.  A couple of years ago I started a mystery quilt hosted by Kevin the Quilter.  I got bogged down early in the process but had quite a few units already made (the gold and white in the center) so rather than have them go to waste, I put this together.  I think it has a masculine look to it so I will back it with flannel for a wheelchair quilt.

Eleven baby quilts - Most of these will go to the local guild that supports a pregnancy crisis center.  My most recent is Ann of Green Gables.  I wrote about it here.

Sixteen throws - A lot of what I make is in the 50x60 range so I categorize them as throws.  My favorite is Twisted Ribbons, a Cindy Williams design.  It has beautiful custom quilting and, even though it is 50x50, it will grace a big blank wall in one of the guest bedrooms.

Five bed quilts - These fall in the 60x80 range, some would consider a throw.  My favorite is the RSC Tiny Tuesday sampler started in 2019 and carried over to 2020.  This one is going to our new great-grand-daughter.

Seven table runners/toppers - My latest obsession, again using up orphan blocks from other projects.  These I can easily quilt myself!  I've already given several away; my favorite that remains is made from off-size blocks left over from Weaver Fever.

I am currently finishing the binding on an oldie-but-goodie that will be the subject of another post later this week.

It's amazing what one can accomplish if they never leave the house!


  1. I have a feeling your meeting might go into overtime - can you just imagine how many quilts your group has made! You a have a lot of pretty tops and quilts

  2. Wow!! You were SEW productive!! Here are the things that stand out in my mind:
    1) The revamp of Kevin's Mystery, 2) Using items from the Orphan bin, and 3) New great grand daughter. Wait! What?? When did you tell us that you had a new great grand daughter??? Congratulations, Libby!!

  3. You have gotten a lot done in the past year! So glad you get to share them with special friends, too. Your Twisted Ribbons is still a favorite of mine!

  4. So true - Covid isolation has been productive time for many of us! Congratulations on all you've accomplished, and have fun with your friends as Devo and Sew starts up again.

  5. I'm taking my time and reading all your recent posts Libby. Your property is wonderful and yes to a secret garden. And yes, I do feel inspired looking at beautiful quilts such as those in the show. But I am amazed by how productive you have been this past year...that's a lot of stitching and beautiful finishes! I find anything with the samplers esp. inspiring to me so I think I'm kind of old fashioned in my tastes. Anyway, enjoy your get together which I'm sure will be awesome for you all. Take photos and share please!


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