Tuesday, July 20, 2021

To-Do Tuesday


My goals for today were to plant the creeping jenny in pots before it dies (like the last batch I bought) 

... and to lop some branches off the redbuds that overhang the rocks at our dock.

I also had a goal in the sewing room:  Since ten Hunter Star blocks in a day has not been attainable, I'm now shooting for 10 half blocks (or equivalent of 5 blocks).  Today I put together about 10-12 blocks (I lost count).  The extra yard of the palm fronds has been received and waiting to be washed.


  1. I was planning on doing housework and quilting inside, but the weather is beautiful, so I too will be spending my time outdoors.

  2. I've got some gardening tasks to take care of, but they are going to have to wait for a couple weeks. Glad you got the potting done (and some sewing, too!!)

  3. I've never heard of the one sheet pan seasoning mix...reminds me of the old Chicken in a bag idea that I used back in the day. I'm not sure I could get that around here but it's time I went inside a store again to look around. I love the one pan idea.
    Meanwhile, gardening is continuing here too in bits and pieces. Never ending really especially with all the growth this summer.

  4. Your garden looks great, Libby. Sounds like you are staying busy. Look forward to seeing your progress on your Hunter Star blocks.


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