Thursday, November 18, 2021

Pandora's Box

A couple of weeks ago I opened Pandora's Box, a/k/a Blue and Brown.  It contained an assortment of bits and pieces, pieces and parts, mostly reproduction fabrics in blue and brown. 

Among the treasures in the box -- a Franken-medallion:

... in that case, mostly brown.  And a set of finished Irish Chain blocks in blue.  At that time there was a stack of unfinished block pieces with a label attached that said 13 blocks.  I assumed that meant I could make 13 more Irish Chain blocks.  NO.  It meant I had 13 finished blocks and the pieces/parts would not make complete blocks without mixing the fabrics.  But I did have enough background fabric and brown strips to make some shoofly blocks and this is the result.

As is, it's about 34" square.  I will at least add another small border to make a baby quilt, or I might add another round of blocks to make it wheelchair size.

I love the combo of blue and brown, especially in  repro fabrics.


  1. I think that blue and brown project box was a treasure trove! Love the look of your Irish Chain and Shooflies together.

  2. The Irish shooflies (LOL) turned out well -- and you had enough of the background for all the blocks!

  3. Libby, this is really beautiful! I love the color combination, too. It such a pretty, peaceful look! :)

  4. Love, love, LOVE that blue and brown creation that you came up with, Libby!!!


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