Tuesday, November 30, 2021


 and almost finished ...

I was able to get the Advent Cross finished and installed before the first Sunday in Advent.

It appears to be a little saggy on the bottom right so might need some adjustment in the quilting, but it's not so obvious in person.

Screens were installed in the deck enclosure last week.

Gutters are going on the deck today, and the cable railing should be finished soon.

Nearing the finish line!


  1. That's so pretty, Libby! Looks perfect for the space you had. I bet ou're going to really enjoy that outdoor screened in deck area next summer!

  2. Your Advent cross looks spectacular. You will really enjoy that screened in deck enclosure. I like the cable railings, so much better than ones that block your view.

  3. (How did I miss this post?) The parament is wonderful.


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