Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Another Day, Another Finish

And Two "Almosts" 

Yesterday morning I pulled out what I thought would be an easy finish -- the oversized table runner that's now a throw needed some stabilizing borders on the sides.

I had cut the borders at home from what I thought was the same Grunge I used in the Chandelier Beads on the sides, but it was too white to make me happy so I put that project away.  Fortunately, I will be driving by Whittle's on the way home from retreat!  They have an amazing selection of Grunge to choose from.

In between raindrops I ran out to the car to retrieve a couple more project boxes.  Scarlet and Grey (Irish Grandmother) needed its borders.  (If you sense a theme here, it's because I can use the large tables at this retreat center to lay out and properly measure.)

After a lot of measuring, and even more pinning, I had this finished. 

 I have passed it on to one of the gals here who is distributing quilts to Waverly flood victims. Here's a closeup of the fabrics; they're not as solid as they appear in the above photo.

Positivity, a quilt from The Colorful Fabriholic's book, was up next.  A nice stop border then whoops!

My last two outer border pieces are not long enough!  I'm thinking maybe I planned to use the brown for binding; I really should leave myself some notes 😒  If I don't have more fabric at home, I can easily add cornerstones.

I have one more border project that I'm just not excited about so I think today I'll make some double 4-patches to mix in with some 4-patch posies.  I might even get around to the border on that one ... we'll see.


  1. I'm wondering how you decide to change the first quilt you show - yes there is a lot of white but you would have to remove a bit to change it for sure - looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with it

  2. So nice to have those big tables for measuring and adding borders! That is where I always struggle. Irish Grandmother is beautiful! Of course I love the others, too - they will be finished soon!

  3. Oh my gosh such great projects! Love the Irish Grandmother, Your positivity quilt is great too! Have a lovely retreat!!!

  4. I think we are all envious of those very large tables to spread out a project properly. I know that is one of the things that daunts me trying to measure up on the floor...and hard on the knees too. Always lovely quilts here, Libby.

  5. Oh, I like the Irish Grandmother design! I use my cutting table for basting. It's 40 x 70 so I can get a lot pinned before I have to unclamp the backing and move the sandwich to get to the borders/edges.

  6. You've been moving along with all your bordering projects, even if you didn't finish them, you know what you need to get that done.


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