Tuesday, February 22, 2022


I often comment on other blogs that Simple is best.  I took that statement to heart recently with a quilt I'm calling Grey Goose.

Faithful readers may remember that in October I misplaced the cream dot background I was using in the Meadow Mist Macaron Mystery so I opted to use a similar shade of Grunge to make the 60 flying geese required in that month's clue.

Not only was I not happy with the replacement fabric, I found the original cream background on the shelf right next to the project tray when I put the geese away!  I stewed a couple of months and decided I really wanted the geese to blend in rather than stand out and I remade the geese with the cream dot.

So what to do with 60 flying geese?  While at Rosie's Calico Cupboard in San Diego earlier this month I specifically looked for a fabric that would coordinate with the geese and found this on the sale table. 

I sewed the geese into twosies and alternated them with a square of the new fabric.  Simple borders were added today.

Simple and sweet.  I so love this!

Retreatin' with my Gal Pals this week in Kentucky.  Hoping to get a lot of border finishes so stay tuned!


  1. Darling quilt and beautiful model, Libby!!

  2. you model well :) have a fun time with your gals

  3. That's so pretty! Perfect use for those 60 flying geese. Love the cherry fabric, too! Enjoy your retreat!

  4. Yes, simple is usually best. We can spend weeks overthinking something when we could be making.

  5. The perfect solution! You're right, simple is best. Have fun at retreat!

  6. What a great save! Hope the retreat was both fun and productive.


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